What I Learned on the First Day of Orientation

On the first day of ILSP (Introduction to Law School and the Profession), I learned a good number of lessons about law school, and perhaps more importantly, about my eventual future conduct as a lawyer. Always nice when they make these events worth our time (and the speakers’).

For my career as a law student, I learned:

    • To read cases over and over and over…
    • But not let it take over my life

Overload Cartoon

    • To pad my resume with extracurriculars
    • Specialize as quickly as is reasonable
    • Expand my social networks
    • And work with professors
    • Yet not lose the chance to participate in preexisting hobbies

Choose 2

    • Not to pay other people to write my assignments
    • Not to destroy other students’ study materials


    • Not to go against professors’ strongly held political views
    • And to follow the advice from 1L of a Ride. The book was written by a former UF professor, and most of the advice from the presentations repeated points that he made. Further, the book has additional advice that seems even more valuable after attending Day 1 of ILSP.

For my future career as a lawyer, I learned:

  • Not to lie to the bar committee
  • Not to yell at opposing counsel
  • Not to fight opposing counsel
  • Not to tear up evidence
  • Not to be a jerk

Basically, remember what you learned not to do in kindergarten.

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