Clinton v City of New York

Key Facts– The US Congress gave President Clinton additional powers under the Line Item Veto Act. He used this to cancel items of new direct spending within spending bills, and New York City sued over lost revenue.

Procedural History-District Court ruled for City of New York, and the Supreme Court took the appeal.

Issue– Can the legislature give the President powers not specified in the Constitution, like the line item veto?

Holding– No, the legislature cannot.

Result– Line Item Veto Act overturned; results of that Act are therefore invalidated.

Reasoning– The Constitution overrules the Congress on the Line Item Veto Act. While Presidents are properly permitted to propose legislation, they cannot then edit that legislation, because that would mean effectively using legislative power, which is not permitted to the Executive under the Constitution.

Slick Willy
Slick Willy

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