Law School, Year One Notes

I’ve been thinking about this for a while, since a friend asked me to provide my outline for Constitutional Law, and I’ve decided to provide all of my law school notes and disseminate as much knowledge as I can through this blog, along with its accompanying YouTube Channel (I’ll post videos from that soon enough).

Constitutional Law Notes

For this class, I had Professor Rush, and I received an A, so I hope you will find them useful. My exam material is not included.

On a personal note, Professor Rush is universally beloved, and if you get the opportunity to take any of her courses, I strongly encourage it.

Contracts Notes

For this class, I had Professor Zheng, a learned and enthusiastic instructor, and I did reasonably well (A-). I should note that he also teaches Secured Transactions, a valuable course I hope to take in the future.

Criminal Law Notes

For this class, I had Professor Nunn, one of the wittiest professors I’ve ever had for a course. In spite of (or perhaps because of) his sparkling sense of humor, I managed to pull out another A-.

Torts Notes

For this class, I had Professor Noah, a passionate lover of his subject. I’ve never heard of anyone else being so enthusiastic about torts, and it made the material much easier to absorb. I enjoyed his style and his subject, and they resulted in an A for me in the class.

Property Law Notes

For this class (in which I got a B+), I had Professor Klein, who in addition to being a property law expert can also tell you a great deal about environmental and water law. Don’t worry, you don’t have to learn it all in her office hours; she has other courses!

Civil Procedure Notes

For this class, I had Professor Lear, one of the most interesting and quotable instructors I’ve ever encountered. At least one of her catchphrases was stuck in my head until just this minute, I swear… I think I also learned a thing or two from her course, since I managed an A- in it.

I strongly recommend visiting all of these professors in their office hours, because even the best lecturer or the most involving speaker will be unable to communicate fully all of the material they want to without detailed, and preferably one on one, conversations with the audience members.

Above, please find all my (digitized, but hand-written) notes from the substantive classes of my first year of law school. I hope they won’t be terribly difficult to read, but inevitably, my hand-writing will be an obstacle for some people.

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